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Based on the GE Healthcare campus it houses over 40 startup companies. GE Healthcare Helsinki site is home to about 800 GE employees as well as many medium sized health tech companies. It is a unique co-located digital health ecosystem hub of small, medium and large companies working on health tech all working to transform healthcare.

Health Innovation Village was launched in 2014 and has quickly become a global benchmark for open innovation. It’s a mashup of big and small all sharing a common purpose. A community where there is always “big talk” between similarly minded health tech experts. It brings together the innovation, speed and agility of startups and deep domain knowledge of GE Healthcare and other larger companies. Allowing startup companies to benefit from the expertise and network of GE Healthcare and others on site. The critical mass of companies and expertise on site brings also other stakeholders like investors, customers, healthcare professionals, researchers, universities, partners, regulators, distributors etc. In-house free coffee shop Warrior Coffee House at GE offers an extraordinary atmosphere to bring together people from different backgrounds in a relaxed environment.

Health Innovation Village is focused on Digital Health startup companies. The stage of companies vary from idea stage to global scaling. Especially looking for companies in the areas of low-power wireless sensors, algorithms, wireless technologies, cloud and apps for healthcare, Big Data and IoT for healthcare. If you have a Digital Health company and want to disrupt and transform how healthcare is delivered in the future, join us.

Many events and activities are organized in the Health Innovation Village to share information, network and create a true community spirit. You can find all the events plus more info at the Health Innovation Village Facebook page:

To join Health Innovation Village, contact us at and/or join one of our events to meet us.



mikko kauppinen

The creator of Health Innovation Village and Energy Village - startup ecosystems and open innovation platforms around GE Healthcare and GE Energy businesses. Previously CFO of GE Healthcare Finland.  Prior to GE in various finance roles around the world at Nokia, Boston Scientific and Dow Chemical.


Radim Mušálek

Handling the operational side of Silicon Vallila and its community.

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